Progress Requires Sacrifice

June 25th, 2011 by KP

Mothafucka god damn I want to go to EDC so bad this weekend in Vegas.

Well at least I want to go for Sunday when Swedish House Mafia are on. I posted their intro to their set at EDC 2010 in my last post, I’ve been listening to it non-stop as well as all their sets from this past year for the past few days. Fuck I wanna go!

They are the biggest of the best for me when it came to getting in to producing house music myself. (this is also why I have watched their documentary ‘Take One’ close to 500 times now)

However, a saying I try to pride myself on, is progress requires sacrifice. To me, Sacrifice = giving something up for the greater good, it involves commitment, risk & mastering your ability to be in control of your emotions. Sacrifice is the act of giving up something you value for the sake of something that’s more important to you. Believe me when I say it won’t be easy, but who said anything that is truly worth it was going to be easy.



Yep, a cow trying to make it through a fence & getting stuck is my #1 choice for a visual aid for “progress requires sacrifice”.

So using our handy visual aid, we can see that progress requires sacrifice, commitment, risk, and hard work.

Mastering your ability to be in control of your emotions is #1 for me, because that’s the ability of seeing things how they really are, not letting your emotions decide your actions, and not being a slave to your emotions.

I know the path we’re on right now, and although it hurts my chest to turn down going to EDC this year & getting our rave on, progress requires sacrifice. After a successful trip to Oslo, Norway and London, England, we’ve been back in LA for a week and a half and are hitting stride with business, working out & focusing on building a huge family in LA again.

But every time we get sidetracked with something that knocks us off course, it’s not just a day or 2 to get back on track, it takes about another week to get our heads back on straight & hit stride again. That stride is invaluable & is one of the small details that no one but you sees, those small details are what separates great from outstanding results.

How I see it in it’s plainest form, is being at war with my emotions. Not saying that emotions are all bad, not at all, but the fact that emotionally I want to go to EDC so bad, right now I want to get a ticket & just go. But when I take a step out of “me” as if I’m looking in on myself from a neutral perspective, I know that at this point in my life right now, creating a business that generates a consistent, residual income, something we’ve been working on for the past year and making it a success, is #1 priority.

And this will change as time goes by & goals are achieved. Wealth, health & relationships are the 3 main areas of life, but to truly master any one, you have to put the majority of your focus in to that one area. Right now for me, it’s wealth, and 85%+ of my focus & energy HAS to go into it if I want to succeed & achieve what I’m striving for in that area. When I know that logically I need to pass on the short term gratification of going because there are bigger priorities on my list right now, if I did go, I would be going against my logic & just a slave to my emotions.

Now you can’t live and breath by not giving in to your emotions sometimes, because it’s those emotions & feelings that we do everything for, and afterall we’re human. As humans, we are emotional creatures. And of course you need to reward yourself & feel emotions otherwise you become a fucking robot! But I know that when an area of my life isn’t at a level that I’m satisfied with, then that’s when progress requires sacrifice and you do need to override your emotions with what you know you should do.

Although the short term fix I’ll get from going to EDC will be fucking amazing, it will also set me back from arriving at the destination of my goal. And if I haven’t succeeded in an area of my life that I live & breath by on a daily basis, then the short term fix I’ll get from going to EDC will feel good in the short term, but long term it will harm the speed of success.

It’s like if you’re hungry and you’re trying to get in shape. A chocolate bar sounds so good right now in the short term, but in the long term, it’s just going to set you back and you’ll have to bust your ass to get back to the point you were at. Long-term over short-term any day. And when you think about it, it is also the long-term rewards that keep you emotions more stable.

Same goes for wealth, as an example if you want to hustle all year to lock down a $1million deal, but it is just a one-off deal, or focus on building a consistent residual income of $85k a month. The $1million deal seems great in the short term & on the surface, but both strategies end up with the same $1million a year earnings, and come the end of the year, one strategy you have to start over, yet the other strategy is still generating $85k a month, and is most likely growing everyday.

Who’s emotions are going to more stable come the new year, the short-term person or the long-term? It’s the same with health, wealth, and relationships. Always long-term over short-term.

When my mate Jim from London was staying with us in LA, he told me one time he was speaking to one of his business mentors, and he asked Jim what he does on a day-to-day basis.

Then he asked out of that list, what isn’t contributing to achieving his goal? Which he followed up with, “Are you willing to sacrifice & give up the things that aren’t contributing to achieving your goal, or not? Because that’s what makes the difference between a goal being achieved or not, the willingness to give up & sacrifice things you enjoy, for the long-term reward.”

Earl Nightingale said the same thing, “Virtually any goal can be accomplished, but the desire for the goal is not nearly as important as what you are willing to give up to achieve the goal.”

Right now, the pain of not going to EDC is no where near the pain of putting success off any longer.

Whoever is at EDC this year, fuck you!!! Haha, I’m jealous. 🙂 For everyone that’s going, this is for you –

God damn that’s a sick song. I’m killing myself listening to every SHM song & set, knowing they’re at EDC this Sunday. Lol. I hope its a blast for everyone that goes, I know it’s gonna be sick!!

But I’ll see you all at the next one. Progress requires sacrifice.


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And so it began…

June 24th, 2011 by KP

Kevin Pearn's To Do

So I guess today is the first day for me to show the world how to never take 5 minutes off from being unstoppable.

I spoke with my sister on Skype yesterday (you can check out her blog here). She moved to Australia about a month or two ago, and I’ve got a lot of respect for her because I know that shit is scary as fuck. I moved to Los Angeles when I was 21, and it takes guts to drop everything in your life and move half way around the world. But if you want to be different from 99.999% of the population, do what 99.999% of the population aren’t doing and get outside of your comfort zones.

After our chat on Skype, she’s now on a motivation kick. I’m proud of her, and it is also part of what made me want to start blogging. This way if she doesn’t keep up with what she said she would, I will post it on here, get her ass a kicking, and also add +1 to the pimp hand list for when I see her next. 🙂

Today is the day I begin to broadcast my life on the internet.

Welcome to my world.

Dare to be outstanding.



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